November 3, 2018



"Cheers to Health & Happiness" is a common toast at many events. We value our health despite splurging on our fast food favorites and quick-fix snacks.  With the internet and social media, new food crazes have never become mainstream faster! Here at National Treasure, we pride ourselves on discerning ingredient choices including organic chicken, hormone free/antibiotic free Texas beef, and organic /Texan (when possible) fruits&veggies.   We make all of our pizza dough and bread dough as well as dressings from scratch - so no preservatives or unnecessary ingredients. Mosts of our dishes are 6 ingredients or less! 


We offer a variety of dishes that either do or could be slightly modified to meet most dietary restrictions including vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. 


Many of our customers have asked about menu items that are Keto friendly.  While we are not experts on ketosis, we would like to offer items on our menu that seem to have ingredients commonly listed in the food choices encouraged for those following the "Keto Diet". 


We use grapeseed oil as our default cooking fat due to its mild flavor and high smoke point. We do carry avocado oil and Texas Olive Oil  which is used for salads and in our bread. Please ask to substitute either oil you prefer to make the dish keto friendly. 




Deviled Eggs

Crispy Brussells Sprouts


Dinner Entrees:


Cauliflower Steak - change the side from mushroom rissotto to veggie of the day 

Filet Mignon - choose a salad and a veggie, skip the potatoes

Georgia Peach Chicken - choose salad and a veggie, skip the sweet potatoes. The peach sauce is mostly reduced heavy cream and a bit of butter, which should help your fat ratio; peaches are nominal to the carb count.

Braised Short Rib - choose a salad instead of the potatoes.  The gravy is made with cream and beef au jus from the rib and veggies like carrot, celery, and onion. There is some flour used in the cooking process, but minimal.




California Omelette

The Philly Omelete



Are you CKD ?  

Add avocado to any of these sandwiches for more flavor and healthy fat

Veggie Melt - we use UDIs sprouted gluten free bread

Freedom Sandwich - change the homemade roll to UDI's bread

Chicken Breast Sandwich - change the homemade roll to UDI's bread

Rushmore Sliders - change the homemade bun to UDI's bread 


You-Nique Burger - change the homemade bun to UDI's bread- go big, go bold: add avocado, pork belly, and an egg!


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